Monthly Archives: October 2012

Katie in the bathroom

This video finds Katie in the bathroom between photo shoots wearing a cute lime-green outfit that doesn’t stay on for long! She quickly slips out of her clothes to show us her big, pregnant belly and full, perky tits that are highlighted by deliciously hard nipples. Fully naked she rubs her pregnant body all over and seems to truly enjoy showing us just how big she’s gotten. Silhouetted by the sun shining through the window, you can really see just how curvy her pregnant body is. Her beauty is topped-off by her stunningly gorgeous face.

Katie in Bed

This video begins with some behind-the-scenes footage of Katie, wearing only a mesh white top, posing for photos on a bed. After the photo shoot is over Katie relaxes and shows off her pregnant body while the video camera rolls. This dyed-blonde beauty has amazing, swollen tits with nipples hard enough to cut glass. At seven-months pregnant her belly is big, round, and every bit as beautiful as her picture-perfect face. Katie is flawless and an absolute gem.

My new site

Guyz, Im totally excited to say my site is now up and running! Yeeeeeah!
I hope you’ll love my new website!

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